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List of steps
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Meet IPA
Obtain certified copies of foreign documents  (2)
Obtain consular legalized copies of documents  (3)
Obtain certified translation of documents  (2)
Obtain approval of investment intent  (2)
Obtain authenticated copies for land and infrastructure lease  (2)
Lease infrastructure inside industrial zone  (1)
Obtain authenticated copies for investment certificate application  (2)
Declare investment project information online
Obtain investment registration certificate  (2)
Obtain authenticated copies of IRC  (2)
Obtain Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)  (3)
Obtain seal and seal registration certificate  (2)
Obtain certificate of tax registration  (2)
Open bank account  (1)
Publish in newspaper  (1)
Obtain cadastral map of investment site  (3)
Obtain fully-signed cadastral map  (4)
Pay costs for land clearance  (2)
Obtain authenticated copies of cadastral map and certified payment order  (2)
Obtain decision on land recovery and lease  (2)
Attend on-site title plan verification  (1)
Obtain authenticated copies for land lease contract application  (2)
Sign land lease contract  (2)
Obtain authenticated copies of land lease contract  (2)
Obtain land use right certificate  (4)
Obtain approval of environmental impact assessment (EIA) report  (6)
Obtain authenticated copies of land use right certificate, EIA  (2)
Obtain construction design profile  (2)
Obtain appraisal on construction design profile  (2)
Obtain fire prevention and fighting (FPF) profile  (2)
Obtain certificate of fire prevention and fighting approval  (2)
Obtain construction permit  (2)
Make seal and notify seal specimen  (2)
Make seal

Preview & Print

Make seal
(last modified: 1/20/2017)

Contact details

Entity in charge

Any seal engraving agency

Vinh Phuc Province

Expected results

Seal 01 - Seal


Cost detail


VND 300,000
Seal making fee - for reference only

Legal justification

1. Law No. 68/2014/QH13 dated 26/11/2014 of the National Assembly on Enterprises
Law No. 68/2014/QH13 dated 26/11/2014 of the National Assembly on Enterprises
Article 44.1

Additional information

Company has the right to determine quantity, shape of seal.
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